Hardwood - 10 Things

Hardwood floors have long been a popular choice for homeowners looking to spruce up their homes with a bit of natural beauty.

The benefits of hardwood floors are endless, from their countless colour options and styles to their incredible durability and scratch-resistance. Taking a foothold in the white oak flooring trend, hardwood floors have been on the rise in home renovations – but did you know that there’s more to hardwood than just good looks and dependability?
Here are ten things that you might not know about hardwood floors:

1. Best Hardwood Flooring For Health

Hardwood floors are great for people that experience seasonal allergies, as these floors work to improve indoor air quality. Wood floors don’t harbour microorganisms and allergens like pollen or mould, which tend to get caught on the surface of fibres. 

2. Environmentally Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Although it may seem counterintuitive, hardwood floors can be one of the most sustainable flooring options on the market. One reason is that there are fewer raw materials needed to produce hardwood floors. Some hardwood has a smaller carbon footprint, as it releases less toxic emissions during the manufacturing process than other products.

It’s also important to consider where your hardwood flooring is sourced. Look for hardwood floors that the Forest Stewardship Council has approved as these FSC certified styles have adhered to responsible management of forests through higher social and environmental standards.

3. Easy Install Hardwood Floors

One common misconception that often prevents homeowners from installing their dream hardwood floors is that they are hard to install. Hardwood floors are actually a cinch to install with the right installation team! Modern hardwood floors have been engineered with a click installation system so that hardwood planks fit together seamlessly like puzzle pieces. This click system ensures that boards lock in securely and makes the whole installation process much more efficient. Here at Carpet One we always recommend that you call in the experts when it comes to installation rather than doing it yourself, that way you avoid any headaches!

4. Hardwood Flooring is Actually Easy to Maintain

Caring for your hardwood floor is easy and can help extend its life and preserve its appearance. Because no two pieces of hardwood are the same, it may have natural blemishes such as mineral streaks, small knots or grain variations. By observing a few precautions and using appropriate cleaning methods, you can expect years of beauty from your hardwood flooring.

And, best of all, wood floors are easy to clean! Most can even withstand spills, stains, scuffs, and scratches. Since the hardwood is less likely to be damaged, you’ll spend less over the years on repair costs, saving you money in the long run.

5. Add Hardwood Flooring to Increase Property Value

Since hardwood has a long lifespan, installing original wood floors can be a worthy investment. Potential property buyers will often pay more for homes with natural hardwood floors as they are naturally unique and long-lasting. New hardwood floors can increase your asking price, so for homeowners looking to sell or potentially sell down the road, hardwood floors are always a good idea. Natural hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times so that you can update them throughout the years.

6. Lowers Your Energy Bills

Along with their beautiful graining and smooth finish, hardwood floors are convenient for houses in cold climates. They can significantly lower your energy bills. Since wood floors are conductive, they absorb heat and circulate it throughout your home. Spend less on electricity to heat your house and let your floors literally do the work for you!

7. Order 10% More Than You Need

A good general rule of thumb, always order at least 10% more hardwood than you think you’ll need for the installation. This is because a lot of the material will need to be cut to fit the exact perimeters of your home. No matter how precise your measurements may be, it’s unlikely that your flooring space and flooring material will be a perfect match. You should always take into account installation wastage and defective materials. Engineered flooring will have fewer imperfections than solid hardwood. If you end up with extra wood, you can save it to be used elsewhere in your home renovations, as these can be used as expansion gaps or subsequent rows.

8. Great Acoustics of Hardwood Flooring

Have you ever wondered why dance studios or music venues have hardwood floors? Hardwood floors reduce hollow sounds and vibrations to improve the overall acoustics. Install hardwood floors to increase your sound quality in rooms like the living room where you might be listening to music or watching the latest hit feature on the big screen.

9. Makes Rooms Bigger

Choose a hardwood that’s available in long strips of planks to make a room appear larger. Since most hardwood floors are laid vertically, this helps the room seem longer. Fewer seams make the room feel less cluttered, and wider planks can add the illusion of space.

10. No Two Floors Are the Same

Hardwood floors are highly unique in that no two floors appear alike. This is because every tree is different, leading to differentiated grain patterns, mass, colouring, and more. Although many hard surface options like laminate and luxury vinyl have come close to the embossed grain patterns of authentic hardwood, you can still tell the difference between these faux wood surfaces and the real thing by examining the grain pattern. Is the texture variation different from one plank to the next? Are there unique markings like knots or spaltings? Does the colour vary throughout the floor? Laminate and luxury vinyl have pre-designed patterns that imitate natural wood so that repetition will occur in planks. By installing an authentic hardwood floor, you can truly design a unique surface like no other.

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