Autumn is a time of preparing for the winter months ahead, enjoying beautiful seasonal produce and making our home cosy and ambient by bringing the spirit of autumn into our interiors.

Creating a ‘feeling’ inside our homes that reflects the season outside brings us into alignment with nature and our environment and helps us to make the most of the activities that the season is best suited to – cooking, cosy dinners with family and friends, preserving fruits for the winter months, knitting, flower-arranging or arts and crafts.

Giving your home a seasonal autumn makeover doesn’t have to involve replacing furnishings or spending lots of money either.

Here are some tips for some autumn ‘zhoojing’ that can have a real impact and add a seasonal ambiance to your home without blowing your budget.

Soft furnishings

Swapping out or adding soft furnishings like cushions, throws, rugs & curtains can make a big impact on the ambiance of living and bedrooms without costing a great deal of money. Feature cushions and curtains in russet, moss green and mustard tones can completely change the look and feel of your living room and can be purchased affordably from a range of low cost retailers to add a touch of pumpkin spice to living and relaxing areas.

It’s also a great time to pull out your knitting baskets and winter crafts – not only a great, therapeutic activity as the weather cools, but soft balls of wool and woven baskets with knitting in fluffy greys or muted autumn tones can immediately lend a cosy feeling to your home.


Branches, vases & crockery

Autumn is the perfect time to bring out that vintage seventies pottery and earthenware – Autumn is all about earthy, terracotta, clay and handmade pottery in burnished tones, browns, muted blues and forest greens. You can pick up vintage pottery vases and crockery from op shops and vintage stores very affordably and for a very small price tag they can really make a fantastic seasonal statement in almost any area of your home but especially lounge rooms, living areas, studies, kitchens and bathrooms.

Nothing adds an instant autumn flavour to your home like seasonal botanical arrangements and when it comes to Autumn it’s all about branches, twigs and berries. You can even incorporate logs as stools or decorative plant holders as well as bowls of loose autumn leaves that you’ve collected from the street or backyard. Autumn terraniums using moss, and variagated leaf plants in red, deep pink and forest greens are also a stunning, affordable and crafty way to bring Autumn botanicals into your home.


1.  Swap out cushions or cushions covers in your lounge or living areas with autumn leaf tones

2.  Add some earthy vintage decorative vases to occasional tables or mantle pieces

3.  Add a feature curtain or two in a warm autumn tone picking up on one of your cushion colours

4. Add a pop of Autumn colour with a brightly coloured statement vase in vintage glass

Decorative Autumn produce

Nothing says Autumn like fresh seasonal produce, and there’s no better or simpler way to give your home, and kitchen and dining areas in particular, an appetising autumn look and feel than by showcasing fresh autumn produce and preserves on kitchen bench tops, shelves and dining tables.

Heaped timber or pottery bowls overflowing with cracked nuts and chestnuts, fresh figs and gorgeous, fresh mandarins straight off the branch make beautiful decorative touches. Arrange colourful jars of handmade preserves on shelves and showcase seasonal autumn pumpkins and other fresh produce in wire or woven baskets for an instant (& edible) Autumn makeover for your kitchen!

Seasonal still life

Another fantastic, creative and simple way to bring the spirit and colour palette of autumn into your home is with seasonal still life paintings featuring Autumn fruits, flowers and tones. You can find still life paintings in almost every genre and style (buy new, vintage or secondhand) to suit any interior – Introduce a more classical still life painting to more traditional interiors and and more contemporary takes on the still life painting with bolder colour palettes and more geometric lines, to more contemporary or bohemian interiors.

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