One of the common questions homeowners ask when considering a flooring update is whether they can install laminate flooring over their existing floor.

The answer is yes, but with some critical considerations.

Consider the flooring material

You can install laminate over damp-sealed flooring such as sheet vinyl, vinyl composition tile, and linoleum. You can also install it over other flat and rigid flooring, such as concrete and wood.

However, you cannot install it over damp-porous flooring like carpets, needle felt, etc., as doing so can lead to moisture issues. Also, these flooring types do not provide a stable surface for installation.

It is also not advisable to install laminate flooring over another floating floor.

Floating floors are not glued down during installation but are instead tightly fitted together, allowing for easy installation.

This type of flooring contracts and expands depending on the ambient temperature. Adding a new layer of laminate planks over an existing floating floor can create tension in your flooring. This is because the two layers will not contract and expand at the same rate.

Besides, removing the existing floating floor is relatively easy since it is not glued or nailed to the subfloor. Just remove the skirting boards, trims or transition pieces along the edges and then dismantle the old floating floor.

Check with the manufacturer

Some brands prohibit installing laminate flooring over existing floors, which may void the warranty. Always check with your supplier before purchasing.

Consider the flooring height

Adding an extra layer of flooring can raise the floor height, which may require trimming the bottom of doors or adjusting appliances.

Prepare the surface properly

The existing floor must be flat, stable, clean, and dry. Sand down any high spots and fill in low spots. Ensure that wooden surfaces are free from mould, pests, and damage.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Review the manufacturer’s instructions before installing your laminate product to ensure proper installation and prevent potential issues.


Related Questions:

Do I need to use an underlay when installing laminate over existing flooring?

Yes, an underlay is highly recommended when installing laminate flooring. It provides stability, sound dampening, and moisture protection. Ensure that you use the recommended underlay for the specific product.

How do I prepare my existing floor for laminate installation?

Thoroughly clean the existing flooring and repair any damage. Level uneven areas before proceeding with the installation.

Is it necessary to remove skirting boards before installing laminate over existing flooring?

You may choose to remove the existing skirting boards or leave them on. However, you must cover the expansion gap around the perimeter of the flooring. If you decide to keep the skirting boards, you can add a skirting cover or scotia to cover the expansion gap for a neater finish.

Can I install laminate over a concrete subfloor?

Yes, you can install laminate over a concrete subfloor, but use a moisture barrier and check for levelness and dryness before installation.

What tools will I need to install laminate flooring myself?

Basic tools for installing laminate include a tape measure, saw, spacers, hammer or tapping block, and pull bar.

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To Sum Up

Installing laminate flooring over an existing floor is possible with some essential considerations. Before installing, consider the flooring material, height, and proper surface preparation. Additionally, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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