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Our aggregate size and global membership has allowed us to develop an infrastructure of business, marketing and operational tools to achieve economies of scale in our purchasing. The result: competitive purchasing prices, improved profit margins and streamlined cost efficiencies for members.

Striking the perfect balance between independence and structure our members enjoy access to a trusted brand combined with the flexibility to provide their customers with both the unique character and exceptional quality
of an individually owned store.

Each year Carpet One host information sessions around the country on the opportunities to join our family.
Below are just a few of the things our member’s value and we proudly present.


Independence with benefits

  • The perfect balance between autonomy and structure
  • Independently owned and operated
  • Led by, and elected by, Shareholders
  • Access to group support and experience.

Reduced overheads

  • Saving more through economies of scale
  • Buy product for less
  • Pay less for resources
  • Save more through group efficiencies.

Best products

  • Selling only the best that’s in demand
  • Partners with leading manufacturers
  • Products to suit individual & diverse markets
  • Latest, newest and exclusive.

Brand power

  • Local presence; National budget
  • Group advertising
  • Group investment
  • Group strategy.

Established industry

  • Flooring is an essential item and here to stay
  • Flooring is essential
  • Market is consistent
  • Progressing with time.

Affordable membership

  • Converting investment into profit from the get-go
  • Realistic joining fees
  • Flexible start-up costs
  • Quick returns.

Recruitment values

  • We prefer quality of members not quantity
  • Careful selection
  • Like-minded members
  • Sustainable members.

Return on investment

  • In-comings greater than out-goings
  • More customers
  • Solid margins
  • Strong GP.

Customer reach

  • Putting the brand at the top of the shopping list
  • World’s largest flooring retailer
  • Leading on-line presence and innovations
  • Access to alternate revenue streams.

Membership security

  • Opportunity is enhanced and protected
  • Protection of territory
  • Governed by shareholder legislation
  • Credit facilities.

Healthy organisation

  • Building a strong, sustainable group
  • 1979 grass roots
  • Not-for-profit Co-operative organisation
  • High member retention and growing.

Community footprint

  • Developing positive lasting impressions
  • Sponsors of local community initiatives
  • Supporters of Breast Cancer Research
  • Participants in recycling programs.

Improved re-sale value

  • Attractive business proposition viewed by peers
  • Brand leverage
  • Group support
  • Solid assets.
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