Signs it's Time to Replace Your Flooring

Will your floors make the naughty or nice list this year? Whether you have hardwood or carpet, we’ll be able to tell you whether your floors are naughty or nice. Find out if it is time to replace your flooring by taking note of these signs.

Hardwood Floors

Water Damage

Water and wood don’t go well together. Whether there has been an excessive amount of moisture or a leak in your home, water damaged wood floors can rarely be saved. In many cases, they must be removed so that the damage can be repaired underneath before installing new floors. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace your hardwood floors.

The Wood Has Been Refinished Many Times

Hardwood can usually be refinished several times to make it look fresh and beautiful, depending on the thickness of the wood. During this process, the wood planks must be sanded down to remove the stain and finish before the finishing process. There is a limit to the number of times that wood floors can be refinished, and if nails are showing, or if there is simply not enough wood left to salvage, you may need to invest in new hardwood floors.

The Wood Is Damaged

Buckling, warping, and cupping of hardwood floors are common issues with hardwood floors that are exposed to excessive moisture and extreme temperature changes. Buckling is when some wood planks rise and are uneven with the other wood planks because of extreme expansion or contraction or moisture. Warping hardwood floors occurs when there is damage beneath the wood planks and can cause the wood to stretch or otherwise change shape. Cupping is another type of damage and is due to moisture issues.

It’s Time for a Change

Trends change as time goes on, and since hardwood has been around so long, you may have some dated hardwood floors in your home. If your floors are outdated and cannot be refinished to match today’s looks, then it may be time to replace your hardwood floors. Top trends in today’s hardwood include light stains, matte finishes, and unique installation methods like laying in a herringbone pattern.

Need new Timber Floors?

Engineered timber and bamboo are incredibly versatile floors that blend easily with their surroundings so you can create any look that you fancy. Exotic novelty? Warm sophistication? Chic and modern? The options are endless and Carpet One has you covered with a wide range of timber and bamboo styles to suit your taste and budget.

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Carpet is Matted

A carpet that is in good shape should bounce back after it’s been stepped on. However, as time goes by and wear and tear occurs, carpet is less and less likely to bounce back. Heavily trafficked areas are usually the first place that will see a matted carpet, but it can happen in other areas as well. If your carpet is matted and is tough to clean because of wear, it’s a good sign that you need a new carpet. If you have some areas that are worse than others, consider investing in an ultra-durable carpet so that you can extend the lifetime of your carpet investment.

Stains or Water Damage

It’s inevitable – accidents will happen! Whether you just bought your carpet or you’ve had it for many years, there are probably some stains on your carpet flooring. While there are many ways to clean carpet stains, some stains tend to get stuck. Wine is just one example, but if you have stain spots all over your carpet floors and you’ve done everything you can to remove them, it may be time to purchase a new carpet. After all, you’ll love looking at your new floors that are 100% stain-free!


A carpet is a soft-surface option made of different fibres and usually includes a cushion underneath. Because of this, the carpet can take on the smell of the stains it has been exposed to. While you can clean many stains, sometimes the smell cannot be removed from the fibres and the cushion underneath. If your carpet seems to be the root cause of the smell, it’s time for you to replace your carpet, no matter the age.

Carpet is Worn Beyond Repair

Just like anything else, carpets wear as time goes by. Rips and holes can happen from kids, pets, and accidents that occur. If your carpet has a huge tear or a hole that cannot be repaired, it’s probably time for a new carpet in your home. Along with these rips and tears, carpet can fade over time, especially when exposed to the sun. If your carpet was a deep shade when you purchased it and now appears to be a completely different colour, consider investing in a new carpet for a fresh, new look.

It’s Old

While carpet is a long-lasting solution to many homes, it doesn’t last forever. Most carpets last anywhere from five to fifteen years, depending on the type of carpet, carpet pile, and more. Plus, by the time the carpet reaches about ten years old, there are likely some stains or other issues beneath, including worn carpet cushion. If you can’t remember when your carpet was installed, it’s probably time to invest in new carpet floors and new carpet cushions for your home.

Need New Carpet Flooring?

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