Quality Flooring with Warranties
One of the advantages of buying Australian Made is the quality assurance and standards that Australian manufacturing brings and our Desire Carpet Collection is no exception.

New flooring is a significant investment in your home which is why you need to be sure the carpet, timber, tile or vinyl flooring you choose is of sufficient quality to stand the test of time and the demands of a busy family life.

One of the hallmarks of quality are substantial warranties. Warranties are a company or manufacturer’s way of putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to quality, that helps you as a consumer trust that you’re investing your hard-earned money in the quality and durability you deserve.

Our Desire Carpet Collection products come with up to 25 year warranties on a range of attributes including wear, stain resistance, UV resistance (especially important in the Australian climate!) and fade resistance.

Some of the quality and innovation features of the Desire range include:

Stain Protection

Accidents happen. With the latest technology in stain protection, Desire gives you peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

UV Resistant Treatment

Bring the outside in. With Desire adopting the latest advancements in UV resistant treatment, you can draw the curtains, open the blinds and let the sun brighten your day.

Family Friendly Durability

The Desire collection is durable and suitable for any room in the home so you and your pets can play, entertain and relax to your heart’s content.

No More Odours

Carpet One’s exclusive ACTIVE 8 treatment, applied to all Desire products, neutralises odours you won’t even notice your local sporting team dropped in to celebrate.

Extended Softness

The Solution Dyed Nylon used in Desire carpets is carefully crafted to stay softer longer, so it will take some discipline to put your socks back in and get out the door.

Enduring Performance

Made in Australia for our diverse Australian climate, Desire offers the ultimate in performance, durability and cleanability.

Our Desire collection also comes in a range of contemporary, style-leading colours and designs so you can rest assured you won’t be sacrificing style for quality.

Explore the entire Desire range here.

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