Make Memories This Festive Season

Fabulous ideas for the most stylish celebrations and some simple ways to create a beautiful party-ready atmosphere, so you can relax with family & friends.
There are so many great ways you can create the most beautiful festive atmosphere without too much fuss or expense. The key is to keep it simple, don’t go crazy trying to make everything perfect, and focus on the joy of family time.

Get the Look

At Carpet One, we are dedicated to helping Australian families live beautifully for less. This lookbook is all about helping you create a beautiful and festive atmosphere for your home without any added pressure on your already busy schedule.

Creating a Festive Vibe at Home


Go Natural

You can never go wrong with natural elements. Use twigs, gum nuts, and pine cones as well as greenery in jars as decor for the table and use cotton or linen napkins. Make a garland from your backyard. Decorate your tree with wood or other natural ornaments. And what about brown paper and twine to wrap your presents?!

Worry-free and Family-friendly

Remember that whatever you do, keep it practical. Is it too much hassle to cook everything this year? Can you buy some platter? Don’t want to put up thousands of lights? Create the Christmas vibe with other decors. Involve family members in Christmas preparations to make it fun and lessen your load at the same time.

The Simplicity of Togetherness

Make memories and stay sane with a focus on simple pleasures. 

An Aussie Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends. Find ways to be happy and wholesome, like dressing up, making traditional desserts, chilling nature and getting crafty.

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