Coastal Contemporary Lifestyle

The best ideas for creating a bright, light and luxurious space that is calming and healthy for your mind and body.

Coastal Contemporary style is all about keeping the space bright, light, and airy to achieve a relaxed and beachy vibe.

Clean lines, natural materials and textures, in a muted colour palette with white and blue accents define this style. Wood in a natural finish, rattan and wicker furniture, woven furnishings, and beach-inspired accents are common features.

Coastal Contemporary style is subtle but you have room for pattern play and accent pieces to keep things more interesting.

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At Carpet One we are dedicated to helping Australian families live beautifully for less.

This lookbook showcases the calm luxury of Coastal Contemporary style and how to create your perfect family lifestyle this Spring.

Why consider coastal contemporary for your renovation or build


Calm space for your family

This style has the elements of healthy interior design. Natural lighting, good ventilation, connection to the outdoors, and a relaxing colour palette help create a calm environment that is good for the mind and body.

Environmentally friendly & sustainable

Coastal Contemporary style makes use of natural, durable, and sustainable materials. Using durable materials in your home can help save resources because you don’t need to replace items often.

Versatile style

With neutral colours as the backdrop, Coastal Contemporary style provides versatility for statement furniture and accents, as well as for seasonal decorating.

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