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The modern style is defined by functional pieces, simple design, and natural and durable materials. It is about focusing on the essentials and minimising the fluff. That means less time replacing and maintaining things making your home perfect for busy families.

Modern style brings you simple, fuss-free, and practical ways of creating an amazing atmosphere in your home. It is all about functional pieces, simple design, and neutral colours.

With fewer things to worry about, you can focus more on family time and making memories with your loved ones.

This lookbook shows you how modern style is a great design choice for growing families. Find your inspiration and follow our tips and tricks in achieving a modern look for your home.

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At Carpet One we are dedicated to helping Australian families live beautifully for less.

This lookbook showcases the uncluttered worry-free vibe of Modern style.

Why consider modern style for your renovation or build

Easy Practicality

Modern style is all about being functional and keeping it practical. Invest in durable and functional pieces for your home and live with minimal fuss and fluff so you can take care of the more important stuff!

Natural, long-lasting materials

Unpainted wood, leather, natural fibres, reflective surfaces, natural woods, and wood veneers add texture and make your space warm and inviting while still keeping it simple.

The Modern Palette

Modern style is all about creating a relaxing and peaceful environment using neutral colours as your backdrop. Your colour choices don’t have to be confined to white, beige, grey and brown. Subtle blues, greens, and yellows can also be added to your neutral palette.

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