The black and white colour combo is a great way to bring elegance into your home. Anything is possible with black and white. This versatile mix works with any home decorating style — modern, industrial, contemporary, Hamptons, Scandinavian, and more. This stylish and timeless colour combo can do wonders in any room. You can use black and white colours to create the perfect mood for your space. It all depends on which one you choose as your dominant and accent colour. You can even add a dash of other colours into the mix. You can create a bright and light space or dark and moody room, go for a subtle look or swing to bold. Here are some of the ways you can use black and white to create stunning interiors.

In the living room

  • Use black or dark grey frames for artworks, photos, and prints and set them against a white wall as their backdrop.
  • Contrast white walls with a black sofa, rug, or lighting fixture.
  • Use a black and white patterned rug for your living space.
  • If you want to go bold, paint your walls black and then use white and light-coloured furniture pieces and accents to create contrast.
  • You can go for a black and white patterned flooring or carpet to create an interesting living space.

In the kitchen

  • If you want to keep it bright in the kitchen, use white paint for your walls and cabinets and then use black hardware and appliances for a touch of black.
  • If you’re not afraid of black, add a focal point with a black backsplash or countertop.
  • You can use white subway tiles outlined in black grout and vice versa or any black and white patterned tiles for your backsplash.

In the dining room

  • Pair a black dining table with white chairs to create an elegant dining space.
  • Use all black or all white or black and white dinnerware and set them in the opposite colour for a striking table setting.

In the bedroom

  • Use white sheets and pair them with black and white striped or checkered pillowcases.
  • Paint your walls black and use white furniture, bed linens, curtains, and other accessories.
  • For a bright bedroom, keep your walls white and use black or black and white patterned rugs and furniture for contrast.

In the bathroom

  • For a bright bathroom, keep your walls white and then use black colour for taps, shower, and other hardware.
  • For a bold bathroom, use black bathroom floor tiles or a black accent wall. For tub and sinks, you can use white and then add a metallic colour for hardware and accessories for an added effect.

Bonus Tip

Not ready to make any drastic changes to your room like repainting the wall or changing the floor? Or a major renovation is currently beyond your budget? You can still enjoy black and white aesthetics since this timeless colour combo works well with other colours. A few items in black and white like a simple patterned rug, or a bedside lamp, or a vase can add elegance and flair while maintaining the general mood and style of your space. Get the Black & White Edit Lookbook.

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