Spring is well underway, which means it’s time to rid your home of those winter layers and refresh. The following Spring Refresh Checklist has simple ideas for getting your home springtime fresh.

✓ Lighter and Brighter

Add springtime hues to your home. A simple swap out of pillows, poufs, artwork, vases and small decorative pieces is a simple way to incorporate seasonally-appropriate colour within a space. Feel like making a bigger impact? Paint a room with a fresh new color, think crisp greens, tangerines and light yellows.

✓ Shed Layers

Be on the lookout for those warmer layers that have built up over the winter. We’re talking those cosy throws, pillows and fauxs that kept you warm during the winter. Be sure to clean everything before packing them away for the season, so they’re fresh and ready to come out next year. For extra fluffy items, vacuum bags can help you save on storage space.

✓ Stain Patrol

More time indoors during winter can often mean more messes and stains. Take a look around for stains on flooring and upholstery that you may have missed during the winter months or haven’t gotten around to tackling. Make a list of items that need to be cleaned and check them off a few at a time.

For tough carpet stains, check out our Carpet Care & Stain Removal Tips for easy removal tips for on over 50 of the most common household stains.

✓ Wardrobe Purge

Whether it’s your own wardrobe or your kids’, it’s time to let go of winter clothing and accessories. Before packing everything away, take time to offload any items you didn’t wear or use over the winter season and donate them to charity. While you’re at it, why not take a look at your spring and summer items to see if there’s anything you no longer need or will wear this season. We promise, you’ll be delighted at the space you create for a few fresh new things!

✓ Treat Yourself

Get something for your home that you truly love. Whether it’s a piece of art that makes you happy or a new sofa that looks as good as it feels. Even one small addition to your room – if you truly love it – can freshen the whole space. Ready. Set. Refresh! Spring is here, so kick off those winter slippers and get ready to refresh your home.

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