There’s no better way to beat the winter blues than by planning for spring. Now’s the perfect time to plan a makeover for your outdoor living space. A new deck, an outdoor kitchen, and sculpted landscaping can really improve the look and help you create an outdoor paradise.


One of the simplest ways to spice up the patio is with lighting. You can string hanging lights or place separate fixtures in open spaces. Outdoor solar lights convert sunlight into electricity, and they’re easy to install and maintain. Solar lights won’t increase your electricity costs. They illuminate gardens, landscapes, lamp posts, entryways, and pathways.


Wooden outdoor structures dress up walkways, decks, and patios with their filtered shade. Sizes vary, but many options are available. Some types have attachable panels or canopies to block the sun. Build a pergola over the deck or patio and place hanging flowerpots on the rails. Grow vines and ivy over crossbeams and lattice.

Container Gardens

Flowers, vegetables, and shrubbery brighten up the front and backyard landscaping. Short on space? Try container gardening. Design the garden with hot and pastel colours. For example, petunias grow in all shades—pinks, purples, reds, yellows, whites, and stripes. Cardinal flowers are bright red. Zinnias bloom in single- or double-flowered stems. Hang a few containers on your porch or attach a couple of wicker baskets to an outdoor wall filled with annuals and greenery. Native plants adapt to the climate as they fight off pests and diseases.

Seating and Decorating

Dump those old broken lawn chairs. You can find bargains this time of year at your favourite home improvement store or search in online marketplaces or on local giveaway sites. Chaise lounges, hanging egg chairs, and swings are comfortable for backyard decks, patios, and front-facing porches. Colour things up with standout hues—how about peacock blue or flamingo pink? Buy some new cushions or re-cover the old ones. Drop a runner or two on the picnic table. Dress up the deck with an outdoor carpet and large urns. Hammocks are a great way to relax on a lazy summer day.

Outdoor Bar and Kitchen

It’s like getting the best of both worlds: a kitchen on the deck! You’ll no longer have to run back inside during your backyard BBQ. Talk to a builder about space and structural requirements. One thing to consider: The temperature and humidity inside the house differ from the outside, so your cooking experience will vary.

Hidden Storage

Because you never seem to have enough room to store things, utilising every spare inch is a plus! Build an accessible cabinet or pull out drawer underneath a raised deck to hold barbecue tools, mosquito repellents, and lawn toys. Benches with lift-up seats make great storage places, too.

Outdoor Rugs

Place outdoor rugs here and there to protect bare feet. If you really want to be creative, paint a few patterns on the deck that surround strategically placed rugs.

Tech Upgrades

Outdoor living has gotten high-tech. Mobile apps control lighting, heaters, security, and even the barbecue. “Alexa, turn on the barbecue!” With these upgrades, you’ll now have another “living room” to entertain guests.

And why not get inspired by the Coastal Contemporary look this Spring!

Coastal Contemporary style is all about keeping the space bright, light, and airy to achieve a relaxed and natural vibe.

Clean lines, natural materials and textures, in a muted colour palette with white and blue accents define this style. Wood in a natural finish, rattan and wicker furniture, woven furnishings, and beach-inspired accents are common features.

Check out our latest lookbook on the Coastal Contemporary Lifestyle with the best ideas for creating a bright, light and luxurious space that is calming and healthy for your mind and body.

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