Stylish, snug and gorgeously soft underfoot, carpet is a perfect choice for creating a luxurious family home. Carpet is a superb insulator and will keep your room warm and cozy, but also will reduce noise to create a sense of calm and quiet. Here at Carpet One we have an extensive range of carpet designs, loops, piles, textures and colours to ensure that you will be guaranteed to find something to suit your style, needs and budget. Whether you are looking for family-friendly durability, easy clean and maintenance, or a sustainable and allergy-friendly choice, we have the perfect option for you.

Flooring enhances the overall look of your home and adds value to your property. It is important to carefully consider your choice of flooring since it is an investment and is expected to last for a long time.

Carpet is one of the top choices for flooring. It comes in many patterns, textures, and lengths which makes it suitable for different home styles. It also helps dampen the noise and insulate the home. Being soft underfoot, it is comfortable to walk on and can cushion the impact of minor falls. Carpets can also suit many different lifestyles and households.

Types of Carpet Available

There are several types of carpet styles available for purchase such as loop, twist, plush, and cut-and-loop. Each of these styles is built for different purposes and has varying levels of durability. These styles of carpet are also heavily influenced by the material the carpet is made out of.


Plush carpet has a dense, deep pile. Its fibers are twisted and finished in the same direction. It creates a soft and friendly feel to a room. But this type of carpet is also likely to be crushed in high-traffic rooms and areas. Some say that the indentations are only temporary and that it is likely to return to a normal shape in time. The life expectancy of this carpet is around 5-10 years.


Twist carpet is a carpet that has a super tight twist. This often makes the fibers curl in on themselves and looks similar to a poodle’s coat. Due to this design, it might not visually be the best option for formal or public places like offices. This extra tight curl also makes it possible for the carpet to hide footsteps and other stains much easier than other carpet types. This carpet is also recommended for high-traffic areas.


Loop carpet is similar to plush carpet in fiber choice. However, the fibers are looped together, and the fibers also remain uncut. This makes the carpet incredibly durable, and it can stand up to wear and tear. This carpet is also a popular flooring option because it is affordable, hides dirt and other particles more effectively, and is easy to clean. However, this carpet also has a history of being easily snagged by pets and being difficult to repair. People often lean towards Loop carpeting due to its variety, softness, durability, and quality.


Cut-and-Loop carpets are another popular choice for flooring in high-traffic areas due to the way that the fibers are organized. In this kind of carpet, the fibers are a mixture of looped and cut. This lends itself to making carpets that are durable and able to hide stains well. This type of carpet also tends to come in fun patterns like florals and shapes. This type of carpet is swinging back into popularity, as people are leaning toward the fun shapes and texture options of times past.

All of these types can come in a variety of materials, colours, patterns, and sizes to appeal to the needs and desires of an individual/household.

Is Carpet Cheaper than Other Kinds of Flooring?

Flooring materials of any kind can be an expensive investment, especially if a household is redoing the entire home. It is important to understand what costs typically look like for flooring and analyze what flooring best suits a household’s needs. 

The average cost to re-floor an area can be anywhere from $20 per square metre to $250 per square metre depending on the type and quality of the flooring material used.. 

There are several flooring options that a person can install in their home including carpet, tile, laminate, sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, engineered timber and bamboo, and hybrid. Each of these comes with its own sets of benefits and downsides that should be considered. For example, laminate can’t be refinished. Engineered timber is typically the most expensive material to be bought and installed but also can last for much longer than other flooring types.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the average costs for the materials. Laminate flooring starts at around $34 per square metre. Bamboo flooring starts at around $117 per square metre. Vinyl flooring starts at around $37 per square metre. Hybrid flooring starts around $48. Engineered timber is one of the most expensive options at around $132 per square metre but can be truly beautiful and long lasting. Carpets can be one of the cheaper options when it comes to flooring starting at around $22 per square metre. Wool carpets are a bit more expensive at around $48 per square metre.

Keep in mind that these are just starting prices. The costs will vary depending on the flooring design, features, etc.
Also note that, the prices above don’t account for the installation costs. The costs for installation will also vary depending on the type of flooring and other factors.

What is the Cost of Carpet Installation?

The cost of carpet installation can vary depending on the type of carpet, the floor substrate, what type of trims are involved and whether any furniture needs to be moved.

Aside from the type of carpet, the price of installation is impacted by other factors like whether the underlay needs to be replaced, the labor costs the company has set, and the type of installation required.

It is also important to note what is included in carpet installation. It can include many different actions and tasks such as measuring the room, moving the furniture, removing the trims, removing the old carpet, installing transitions, and reattaching trims.

Each of the tasks can add additional costs. It is important to be aware of what companies offer as a complimentary task and what tasks add additional costs. Each task cost is calculated by the square metre, by the hour, or by each transition. The contract should clearly state what carpet installation includes.

An important thing to note is that installation might bring up some additional costs. Some carpets might mess with door clearance, so a person might need to trim their door before they can reinstall it.

There are some things that you can do to reduce the cost of carpet installation. Some of these include moving furniture before the installers come in or measuring the area beforehand. These small actions could cost a person additional hundreds of dollars to the bill! Doing some of these things beforehand can significantly reduce your carpet installation costs.

Some stores may quote you with free installation, but don’t be fooled by this as the installation is generally grouped with the price of the carpet. Or they may have other hidden charges not specified in the quote.

When it comes to carpet installation, it is the total installed pricing that really matters. Carpet One charges for installation, but when compared to other companies, you’ll be surprised at how competitive our pricing really is. Our total installed pricing includes underlay and professional installation. Speak to our friendly Carpet One team in your area or enquire online.

Is Carpet Okay with Asthma?

If you or someone in your family has asthma, you might be thinking that carpet flooring is not an option for your home. 

Carpets tend to collect dust, mites, pollens and other allergens and harbor mould and mildew that can trigger asthma attacks. Many experts recommend opting for other types of flooring. However, some people with asthma that have carpets in their home and do just fine. 

It is still possible to have carpet installed in your home even if you have asthma or allergies. You can opt for non-allergenic carpets that repel allergens and deters the growth of moulds and bacteria. Cleaning the carpet thoroughly and regularly greatly reduces the allergens that may exacerbate asthma. 

Carpet One has a range of non-allergenic carpets that are suitable for your home.

Which Carpet is Best for a Room: A Guide to Buying Carpets

Carpet purchases can feel like a scary decision, as they can be an expensive and permanent decision. Also, the tonnes of options available can be overwhelming. 

Here are the factors to consider when choosing a carpet for your home to help you make a decision.

Your lifestyle

Do you have kids and/or pets? Do you like hosting parties and entertaining your friends? Then consider choosing a carpet that is easy to care for, has stain-resistant properties, is durable, and family-friendly.

Carpet One has a wide range of carpets created with the family in mind. Our Desire collection is durable and suitable for any room in your home. It is stain resistant and has Active 8 Odour treatment that neutralises odours (and is also Australian made).

Where the carpet will be installed

High-traffic areas like the living room, entryway and hallways need durable carpet. Plush carpets are not recommended for such areas but they can be used in the master bedroom and other low traffic areas of the house.

Your home’s design

Your choice of flooring will impact the overall appearance of your home. The carpet you choose must tie in with the look that you are going for in your home.

Carpet One offers a wide selection of carpets that will suit every type of home. Whether your home’s style is traditional, modern, industrial, or others, there’s a carpet that will blend perfectly in your home.

Other factors

Does anyone in your family have allergies? Look for non-allergenic carpet options. Do you want a carpet that has a low-impact on the environment? There are eco-friendly options available too.

Carpet One has an Eco+ range of carpets that also have other features that you will love like wear-resistance, stain protection, enriched softness, and more.

Still need more help in deciding what carpet to choose for your home? Our Carpet One team will be glad to help you. You can also narrow down your choices by using the filter in when browsing our website. Simply pick the features, application, design preferences and other carpet attributes that you are looking for.

We also recommend visiting the stores and viewing carpets in person so you can see the actual colours and feel the texture of the carpet. Most home improvement stores have samples of carpets that people can view.

Australian Made Carpet

We offer Australian-made carpet products. Australian manufacturing is regulated to ensure the highest quality standards so you know you’re getting superior quality products that are made to last.

Local manufacturers also follow stringent safety standards which means that the products you buy and the materials used to make them are monitored closely for compliance. So when you buy Australian products, you can rest assured that your and your family’s safety and well-being are in safe hands. This is especially important in carpet and flooring products where you, your children, and pets have so much daily contact with flooring surfaces.

Buying locally is also kinder to the environment since the products don’t need to be transported long distances minimizing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Plus, you also get to support local businesses and the Australian economy when you buy local.

Is Carpet Right For You?

Carpets are one of the top flooring options because they make the space warm, cosy, and luxurious. They also have the added benefit of helping to insulate the home and dampen the noise. They come in various colours, textures, materials, and features to match the needs, lifestyle and preferences of the homeowner. They are also one of the more affordable flooring options available. When properly cared for, they will last a long time and can be a good investment.

If you are in the market for flooring for your home, carpet is definitely something you can consider. Contact your local Carpet One Stores to discuss your flooring needs.