The total installed price is the only price that matters

We'd be happy to provide you with a quote that will leave you satisfied with your decision. No gimmicks, no surprises!

It's The Total Installed Price That Counts

When it comes to flooring, the total installed price is the only price that really matters.

Don’t DIY it or leave it to chance to find a great installer. We can take the worry out of your home and flooring purchase. Ask us for a quote today and we can provide you with Total Installed Pricing, including underlay and professional installation.

With Carpet One, you get global product knowledge, qualified installers and warranty protection. You also get the best price. 

Let us give you a quote and you'll be happy you did.


So what does "Total Installed Pricing" mean anyway?

What you may not know is that not all flooring retailers price their products in the same way.  The prices you see advertised for the flooring may include everything, or be product only. 

You may get a surprise later when you are hit with a whole list of extras you weren’t expecting. Some retailers will provide a “complete” price, with underlay and installation – but do you know that the quality of underlay is included? Would you prefer the premium underlay option, and what sort of additional cost does that incur? 

We know how important it is to talk to you about your requirements, and that way the price we give you will be for exactly what you want.

The single most important question

When you get a quote from any home and flooring retailer, the most important question you can ask is: "What is included in the price?"

What do you get in a Carpet One quote?

We can provide you with a quote that includes everything from product to underlay to installation, nothing hidden, nothing for you to worry about or wonder. This is why we believe it’s the total installed price that really counts.

How to Choose Your Products

We know that choosing home and flooring products can be very overwhelming so we make it easy for you.

Head to our product selector page where we make is super easy for you to choose the product you need.

We have designers and flooring experts in store every day who can help to take the headache out of choosing your product.

Book online or email, phone or SMS and we can arrange for one of our Carpet One team to visit you at home. 

Get your Total Installed Price today!

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