Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, creating a natural, earthy feel in your room design can make your space feel calm and relaxing. Not only that, but natural items and décor are timeless and adaptable to nearly any design style. Whether you choose coastal contemporary, modern or boho, these natural elements can suit your specific style and personality with just a bit of tweaking.

But how do you accomplish this gorgeous and simplistic style, and where do you start? Try out these five tips on what natural home décor to use for an earthy theme. You’ll be on your way to beautiful natural home design in no time!

Use Jute Rugs

Known for their natural fibres, there’s almost no better way to start off your earth home décor theme than with a jute rug. Not only are they natural in their appearance, but you can also feel good knowing that jute rugs are created using natural fibres – they look good and often offer an environmentally friendly option.

A jute rug is sure to create the perfect canvas for adding additional texture, natural colour, and design, especially because it’s part of the flooring! You can find these rugs in several designs, including unique patterns and varying colours. Who says a jute rug has to be plain? Choose one that really speaks to you, or keep it simple and natural, it’s totally up to you!

Use Textured Natural-Coloured Décor

One thing that can heighten your natural home design with an earthy theme is to use textured, natural-coloured home décor, and stick to it! While this may seem like a simple task, it can be tempting to purchase other types of décor and design elements that may not fit this look. While investing in a few pieces that don’t fit your exact vision can work for you, straying too far can cause the design to feel divided rather than united.

Adding rattan chairs, woven baskets, and thick, textured linens and pillows will be perfect when trying to get the right natural home design. You can use these throughout your living spaces, including living rooms, sitting rooms, offices, and even bedrooms.

Incorporate Indoor Greenery

First and foremost, indoor greenery speaks natural because it is and there is nothing like bringing the outdoors in to create a fabulous space! There are tons of indoor plants that you can use to create a natural interior design. Try tall indoor trees like fiddle leaf figs, rubber plants, parlour palms, and yucca to add height and dimension to any natural bedroom or living room, and pair them with a basic pot for a sophisticated look. Those are just a few examples of low-light trees that you can use to embrace the outdoors inside. Plus, not only do these indoor trees offer a simple, natural décor element, but they’re also relatively easy to take care of!

Not looking for a tree or don’t have room for a large plant? Try a different plant that you can hang or plant in a smaller pot. Pothos plants, strings of pearls, spider plants, and ferns are excellent candidates for indoor greenery that will give you the natural look and feel you’re looking for in your space.

Use Earthy Tones as a Colour Palette

When you think of natural décor and natural design styles, you probably think about colours like beige, green, white, and creme. That’s because shades of these colours are found naturally throughout most parts of the world, and they have a way of allowing other natural décor elements to shine.

When creating your home’s colour palette, stick to these simple colours that truly encompass all the beauty that the Earth has to offer. Lighter shades typically lend to brighter spaces, so keep this in mind when choosing palettes. Medium and dark-toned shades can also be used, but they tend to create moodier spaces than light and airy. Overall, it’s best to stick to crème, beige, white, dark brown, camel, and green.

The Coastal Contemporary look like the room below is a perfect style for when you are wanting to create a natural vibe and use those wonderful, neutral earthy tones in your interior design.

Use Natural Materials Like Stone and Wood

What better way to incorporate natural décor and interior design into your home than by using natural elements like stone and wood? These materials evoke the natural essence of the world and add an authentic natural vibe to any room.

When creating your natural interior design, you can add these materials in a variety of ways. One popular way is with furniture. Try natural wood side or end tables, coffee tables, or dining room tables that are finished with light stains. Lighter stains allow the appearance of knots, mineral streaks, and graining to show through, further elevating and achieving that natural design.

If furniture isn’t on your list, you can also invest in wood and stone décor. Stone bookends, bowls, and countertops are just a few examples of available natural items that enhance a simple, natural design. Wooden shelving, art, and sculptures are also top choices for décor that is ideal for the natural design look.

And why not get inspired by the Coastal Contemporary look this Spring!

Coastal Contemporary style is all about keeping the space bright, light, and airy to achieve a relaxed and natural vibe.

Clean lines, natural materials and textures, in a muted colour palette with white and blue accents define this style. Wood in a natural finish, rattan and wicker furniture, woven furnishings, and beach-inspired accents are common features.

Check out our latest lookbook on the Coastal Contemporary Lifestyle with the best ideas for creating a bright, light and luxurious space that is calming and healthy for your mind and body.

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