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Frank Pinneri writes about the support he received when starting out.

Store Owner — Odyssey and Adelaide Carpet One, South Australia

The previous owner of one of Adelaide’s largest independent flooring stores, Frank Pinneri, would probably have been welcomed by any company. However, he chose to join Carpet One for “its financial strength and stability”, opening two new Carpet One stores. “Carpet One offers the global presence, buying power and head office support
I want for my business”
he said.

“Carpet One ensure my costs are down, my profits are up and my market position is secure.”

Frank continued in saying that “anyone seeking a change should get in contact with Carpet One. They will take you through the whole experience, and their support doesn’t end when you open your store. They are involved, every step
of the way. I know, with their help, my business will continue to grow even more”.

Ron Ennis writes about the leads he receives through his website.

Store Owner — Carpet One Redcliffe, Queensland

“Successful lead generation is essential to my business and with Carpet One’s smart web site initiatives the traffic directed towards our store has quadrupled. The phone is ringing and customers are walking in the door! The great thing is every lead can be tracked and measured and we have found while our leads have increased out of sound, our costs per lead have equally reduced. We really are getting our bang for buck. The fact is if I tried to do on my own what Carpet One
has done for me, the costs of building equivalent advertising tools such as the website would push me out of the game”.

Wayne Lowe writes about his Insurance opportunity.

Store Owner — Carpet One Bayswater, Victoria

“Amongst the many things I like about being a Carpet One member, the likes of exclusive products and retail security
of my market, one of my favourite benefits is the business opportunities I have received through the groups Insurance contracts. For the last ten years, or possibly longer, I have been servicing insurance work through referrals generated and managed by Carpet One. The business is good in itself, particularly as it has cost me nothing to receive the referral, but the additional business I have generated is tremendous. In more cases than not, these Insurance customers have turned into repeat business opportunities and ultimately loyal customers”.

Beth Barrie writes about fees.

Store Owner — Carpet One Lithgow, New South Wales

“My husband and I have been in the flooring game for almost as long as our memories and when we decided to go into business for ourselves it did not take long to be convinced that belonging to a group far outweighed the benefits of trying to establish ourselves independently. Especially when funds were tight and we needed to hit the ground running. Once joining a group was decided, choosing the right group did not take long; that is, after we met with Carpet One”.

“Other than connecting culturally, and acknowledging all the other benefits, what really helped us get over the line was the realistic fees and the speed in which we could get started. It was obvious Carpet One first and foremost genuinely wanted to help us make our dream become a reality, and they put this dream ahead of any financial motivations they may have had for us joining. So it turned out, this is a business methodology they practice with everything. Now as longer term members, there is no question that the income benefits we receive from Carpet One far exceed any of the outlays”.

Mark Dee writes about his business autonomy.

Store Owner — Carpet One Dubbo, New South Wales

“I am not one for written words, but if I am to go on record, I am proud to be a Carpet One member. They let me do my own thing, but at the same time they are always there when I need them. Which is possibly more than I like to admit. Without a doubt, one of the best business decisions I ever made”.

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