Having a backyard can be a huge bonus for entertaining, IF you know how to get the most out of your space! Otherwise you can end up with overgrown corners, spiderweb covered kids toys and rusted furniture.

Create a gorgeous outdoor oasis by using these ideas to create a space where your family and friends can spend time, have fun, and enjoy the outdoors.
  1. Get yourself some nice outdoor furniture. It sounds basic but it’s such a big thing! Although plastic chairs are inexpensive, they are definitely not the most inviting. Pick something comfy that your guests will love hanging out and sitting on. Grabbing some cushion to add to your outdoor furniture will also make the space more appealing.
  2. Create privacy by surrounding a part of your garden with trees or flowers, or even a little decorative fence. This is the key to making your backyard seem more private and creating the feel of a garden room!
  3. Adding a hammock can give your space the relaxing and calming feel that every backyard needs. This is perfect for those days and nights when you just need to rejuvenate and recharge.
  4. Having lights in the backyard can make it feel so romantic and pretty! A few strings of fairy lights or festoon lights can be all you need to add a party mood every day.
  5. OK look a pool can be a hefty investment, but if you are really looking for a statement piece and the things that will make your backyard truly inviting, a pool will certainly do the trick. Having a pool will always your friends and family together to enjoy the outdoors.
  6. Having a big dining table outside will help with Christmas entertaining. This will make sure everyone is outside enjoying the fresh air and some delicious food. An outside grill or bar can also add an inviting touch.

Having great food, people, drinks, and of course a backyard will create lasting memories for everyone. The only problem you will have is getting your guests to leave.

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