These leading interior design trends for Summer 2018 and 2019 will bring sparkle, style and fresh, breezy summer cocktail vibes to your home to evoke relaxation, whimsy and those must-have holiday feels.

Tropical prints and motifs

Bold tropical, jungle and botanical prints incorporated through wallpaper prints, cushion fabrics and wall art remains at the forefront of interior trends to bring freshness, fun and flamboyance to your living spaces, especially over the summer months.  

Even adding only smaller tropical print touches to your interiors through cushion swap-outs and wall prints, off-set by indoor greenery will help create a super-lush, relaxing summer ambiance reminiscent of island style, beachy holidays, coastal breezes, and swaying tropical palms. Pull up a hammock and pass the Long Island Iced tea!


Bring on the summer shine with brushed and gloss gold metallic finishes on chair frames, side tables and mirrors contrasting majestically against teals, emerald greens and crisp white backdrops to reflect light and shimmer with summer sparkle. Sophistication meets summer glamour!

Bold pops of colour

Make an interior statement this summer by adding personality, brightness and charisma  to your home with bold pops of colour punctuated against neutral interiors.

Stylish statement chairs like this one in mustard picked up in cushions or flower arrangements adds the perfect pop to a sophisticated living room.

Experiment with yellows, reds, rusts, emerald greens and bold, bright blues. Big, bold, and unmistakably stylish.


Ombre (literally, ‘to shade’) continues to trend as a soft, nuanced and contemporary design trend that will lend a relaxing and soothing ambience to summer living spaces and bedrooms.

There is something calming and alluring about the graduated ‘watercolour’ transition of colours that ombre prints and patterns lend to spaces. Perfect for feature wallpaper and statement artworks but Ombre can also be incorporated in smaller design features too – think Ombre bedding and quilts, rugs, cushions, light fabric sofa throws and even lampshades.

Geometric prints and patterns

Geometric prints and patterns are a sophisticated contemporary trend all year around but incorporating prints and patterns in soft and bright hues are the perfect realisation of the geometric trend for a sophisticated but fresh summer look.

Incorporate in wallpaper, tiling, rugs and upholstery but you can also experiment by adding touches through geometrically shaped vases, light fittings and geometric patterns on dinnerware and other smaller decorative features.

Pop pastel and blush hues

Blush makeup and Popsicle hues is the latest interior trend that’s perfect for lending a soothing, fun and whimsical summer vibe to your living spaces. Incorporate blush Popsicle tones – pinks, apricots, teals, spearmint greens, peaches and light blues – in upholstery, cushions, adornments, rugs, cushions and wall-art. These tones also help make spaces feel lighter and more spacious and lend an ambiance of carefree whimsy and creativity to your home.

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