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Thinking about joining our co­-op? You’re in the right place!

Carpet One members are part of a group of 2700 retail outlets around the world. We’re proud to belong to the international retail group CCA Global Partners, which makes over $10 billion in gross sales every year, and gives us enormous buying power and access to global expertise, services and suppliers.

Each Carpet One store is owned and operated independently. Our co-op is run by our members to benefit members. If you are interested in becoming a member, we would love to show you what we have to offer here at Carpet One, and take you through how our memberships work. Our approach is simple: be up front and honest with you, so you’ll have the information you need to decide whether joining us is the right choice.


Carpet One was founded on the principles of unity, strength and success.

Each store is owned and operated independently, supported by our co-op. This is not your average retail franchise opportunity. The co-op is set up purely to maximise our members’ profits and provide support, not to make a profit itself. We’re here to see your small business prosper and thrive.

Five Reasons to Join Us

Each Carpet One store is owned and operated independently. Our co-op is run by our members to benefit members.

Run as a true cooperative

So you have the independence of your own store, but with the support of a professional group.


Global buying power

Enjoy competitive group purchasing power, and access to leading brands and experts.


Access to centralised services

Group advertising, marketing, technology, finance, and administration.


Realistic joining fees

Pay realistic joining fees, with flexible start up costs, and a flat fee structure.


Solid return on investment

Financial rewards via competitive rebates, targeted marketing and competitive financing.


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We work for you

Our members are part of a family, sharing the same vision and passion to be strong and sustainable, well into the future. What makes us different is our genuine care and commitment to fostering trust and returning value to each and every Carpet One member. We’re run by members, to benefit members.

Standing out from the crowd is what we do

  • We are the experts

    Incomparable depth of industry and market knowledge.
  • Financial rewards

    Reduced risk and the best return on investment opportunities.
  • Run by members for members

    Fostering trust through transparency and value-adding to all members.
  • A true cooperative

    We provide support at every stage of your business cycle.
  • Global networks

    Greater buying power through our worldwide networks.
  • Supporting local

    Strong communities through locally-owned, family-run businesses.

Our promise

We offer a lifestyle of independence and control, but with the safety of knowing you have joined a trusted brand. We will deliver fresh thinking and innovative products, making your job easier.


Carpet One team support is second to none.

The support and mentoring provided by our head office is what makes Carpet One so competitive. We support you to make informed decisions, so you can pass this knowledge onto your customers. Head Office provides centralised advertising, finance and operational support to reduce your overheads and increase your profit margin.

Ready to Join the Carpet One Family?