If you are needing to update your office, replace your old flooring, or if you are designing your office, then you are likely looking into carpet and other flooring options. Well, there is a lot to learn about carpets for modern offices.

Commercial carpet is perfect for modern offices. It adds style, is durable, and will last a long time. Commercial carpet is also easy to install and adds warmth to a room while reducing echoes. Modern commercial carpets are great for stylish and practical uses and are easy to clean.

If you want to learn more about commercial carpet, how it differs from residential carpet, and what you should know before getting carpet for your office, then read more below!

What is Commerical Carpet?

A commercial carpet is different from the typical carpet you find inside your bedroom at home. Commercial carpets are designed to withstand a lot of daily foot traffic so more importance is given to their durability. So they are not as soft and comfortable as your typical residential carpet. 

Since shoes can track dirt, it is also important that the commercial carpet is easy to clean so they are typically level loop carpets with a short pile. 

Commercial carpets typically do not need an underlayment, unlike home carpets so installation can be a little less expensive. The product itself is also more affordable.

Types of Office Carpet

Commercial carpets are available in different forms.

Broadloom carpets

Broadloom carpets, which are sold in rolls, are the dominant type of commercial carpet. It is suitable for large commercial spaces. This type of carpet requires an adhesive to glue it down to the surface.

Commercial carpet tiles

These are square carpets that can be fitted together to make up a larger carpet. You can buy them in different colours and arrange them to make a pattern. When it gets damaged, you can just replace the affected tile and so it is more economical in the long run. Carpet tiles usually have peel and stick backing for easy installation.

Commercial carpet planks

Carpet planks are quite similar to carpet tiles except that they are long and narrow.

Like the carpets you have at home, commercial carpets can be made from different materials such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester, wool, and wool blend fibres.

Commercial carpets come in different designs and textures. The weave of the carpet affects its look and texture. There are three basic weaves of carpet pile–the cut pile, loop pile, and cut and loop. Commercial carpets are commonly loop pile because they are easier to clean and are more resistant to crushing. 

Some offices also like to keep their wood or concrete flooring and use carpet in closed-door offices and rugs for desk areas. But, to make the room less echoey and more inviting, you can choose a carpet style you like and use it everywhere.

No matter your style or preference, there is a design that works for you. You can make your office feel super homey, feel like a relaxing spa, or feel like a frustrating environment all from your design. You can look at influencers who have their own offices and see if you like their styles.

This gives you an idea of the layout, aesthetics, colours, design, and general flow of office space. And, it can help you decide what commercial carpet you want and if you want a plain or busy pattern, and if you want it one colour or multi-colour. There are so many options, so look at what other people have done and create a sort of mood board for yourself, and plan your designs based on that.

How to Pick Out Your New Office Carpet

Picking out carpet is a huge part of productivity and enjoyability in the office because the colours and designs can subconsciously feed energy to your workers or make them feel tired and sleepy. So knowing how you want your office to feel is the first step to picking out a great carpet.

After knowing how you want the office to feel, decide what colours associate with that feeling. For instance, people associate yellow with bright and happy. Blue is associated with calm, peace, and intelligence. White is clean, simple, and honest. Red is strong, loving, and excited energy, and so forth. So you can decide what general colour scheme you want, then pick out what flooring and wall colours you like.

The biggest colours in the office will be what is on the floors, and what is on the walls. So if you want a more calming, peaceful, clean feeling then you can use white and blue, and use those as your main colours. For instance, maybe you have white walls with wall art and a carpet with blue on it. You can some flare with more colours that are bright to add dimension and create something more entertaining for your eyes to look at, like yellow flowers around the office or something like that.

So, now that you have an idea of what you want your walls and flooring to look like, you go online to shop! If you have carpet all around the office and want to define spaces by using rugs and runners then don’t be afraid! Rugs are not only used on hardwood flooring, they can also be used on top of commercial carpets and used to define areas.

You can make a desk area have its designated space, and make a sitting area designated by having a rug in the centre of the seating. It can also be a way to personalize the office and set your own desk area apart from other desks. 

Investing in a new carpet is not a minor expense which is why it’s so important to choose a carpet that’s fit for its purpose. Not all carpet is equal when it comes to standing the test of time. Carpet manufacturing has come a long way with carpets specifically designed for durability and wear resistance using the latest in fibre technology. If you are looking for some great ideas for durable and worry-free carpets.

How to Install?

We at Carpet One always recommend having your carpets professionally installed. This will save you time and you can avoid having to redo because of mistakes in installation. 

There are a few different ways to install the carpet. You can install the carpet on your own or hire a company to do it for you. And, you can decide to get peel-and-stick carpet tiles or rolls of carpet that need to be glued down. If it is peel and stick then you might opt to install it yourself, and if it is a roll of carpet you might want to have a company install it for you.

If you decide that you want to pay a company to install your commercial carpet for you then you can arrange that and plan for that financially. But, if you want to install it yourself, then there is more planning on your part.

First, for peel and stick, make sure you have ordered the right amount of carpet tiles, and have something like a box cutter on hand to cut the carpet to fit where you need it. Then, make sure you have cleaning supplies on hand.

You will have all of your supplies, and other items that the carpet company informs you that you need, then clean the floor. You should sweep and mop the floor, and let it dry. Before you lay down a tile, make sure you have a cleaning spray and a cloth or paper towels and wipe down the area where you are putting the carpet tile down on. Then, simply peel and stick the carpet tile on.

You can peel the carpet tile completely and place the entire carpet down, or you can start to peel and only bring the non-stick paper down an inch or two. Then, you can line up the side of the tile that is sticky with the straight edge the wall provides, and start to peel the rest of the paper off while you smooth down the carpet tile.

Then as you get going on the flooring, if you need to trim down a tile to fit a smaller space then you can cut it. You will want to turn it over so that the sticky side is facing up at you, but do not peel the paper off yet. Measure where you want to cut and make sure where you cut will fit properly when you flip the carpet right side up. Then, use a box cutter or other tool to cut the carpet. You will cut on the sticky side, again before you peel the paper off.

For a roll of carpet, you will clean the floor, get proper carpet glue to lay down, and you will carefully roll the carpet over the floor. This job is trickier with the roll of carpet so if you would rather hire a professional then you could save yourself some headaches and time.

If you have rugs in your office on top of your commercial carpet then you can get some products that help with keeping the rug or runner in place. You can get carpet tape or carpet grippers that help the rug stay in place. Some rugs won’t have a hard time staying on top of commercial carpet, so test it out and see if some of these products are what you need.

How to Take Care of Commercial Carpet?

After having your carpet, you need to maintain it! Over the days, weeks, months, and years of use, there will be maintenance to keep your carpet looking fresh. Over time, you might find coffee stains, and parts of the carpet that are darker from more foot traffic in those areas. Well, here’s how to prevent that.

Every week or a few times a week you should vacuum your office. Make sure you get the dust and dirt out of the office and prevent that from building up. When you do this, you should also have the office wiped down with a good cleaning. Get the bathrooms, the common areas, any kitchen area, and more all clean.

Then, every month you should spot clean anywhere that needs extra love, and you can sprinkle some baking soda over the whole carpet and vacuum. This helps eliminate odours and it freshens the carpet. If you find a stain and want to flush that out of the carpet, then you can use a steam carpet machine that can spot clean carpet stains. A carpet cleaning machine can work great to wet down the area and vacuum out the stain with the water cleaner solution. You go over the area until the water comes out of the carpet looking clear.

As long as you maintain your carpet throughout each week and each month, the years will go by and your carpet will still be looking fresh. Commercial carpeting is more durable than residential carpets, but it can become discoloured and look dirty visibly when it has not been kept up with. So, make sure that the carpet gets cleaned regularly and that stains do not stay on the carpet. Invest in a product that can be used to deep clean those stubborn spots, and your carpet will last forever.

Another idea for keeping your carpet fresh and clean is to pay a company to come in and steam clean the flooring once a year or once every 2 years. You can get them to put a special treatment on your carpet to keep it looking good and freshen it up, and you can ask for treatments that get pet smells or coffee smells out of the office. This can help prevent your carpet from having main walking areas looking darker and darker over time from all of the dirt being pushed into the carpet by everyone in the office. Making your office stand out is done through designing, and it is done through regular cleaning.

Where to go for more information about Commercial flooring

At Carpet One we can help you find the best commercial flooring solutions for your business. We will help you through the process from selecting the best commercial flooring product for your space, all the way through to installation.
We work with clients on a range of projects including office fit-outs and refurbishments, housing developments, commercial builds, hospitality and retail operations, airport and logistics operations fit-outs, interior design projects and health and education facilities.
We have a great range of commercial flooring products available here or contact your local store for an expert opinion.

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