Care for your family with our special eco+ range of environmentally sustainable carpets

This extraordinary Australian made product comes in a variety of rich, deep dyed colours that are made to suit all tastes and interiors. Make your home more eco-friendly. Extraordinary. Stain-resistant. Environmentally sustainable. Luxuriously soft carpet.
  • Enriched Softness

    eco+ fibres have a unique combination of strength and enriched softness. Your toes will adore the luxuriously soft feel.
  • Wear Resistance

    The strong resistance to wear, pile retention and resilience of eco+ prolongs the life of your carpet. Pile fibres return to their original position after vacuuming, even after heavy foot traffic and weight of furniture.
  • Stain Protection

    eco+ has superior stain protection built in to every fibre that never wears off. All you need is cold water to remove the most stubborn household food and beverage spills such as red wine and cordial, so there are no chemicals required when cleaning.
  • Australian Made

    Not all guarantees are the same. Made in Australia to Australian standards, eco+ carpets are backed by Australian guarantees so you can be assured of the reliability and convenience of Australian after sales service you can count on.
  • Strength and Softness

    eco+ fibres have a unique combination of strength and luxurious softness. With Soft to Touch™ technology your toes will adore the luxuriously soft feel.
  • Comprehensive Guarantees

    The super performance of eco+ is backed by a leading guarantee package so you can enjoy your carpet worry free for years to come.
  • Lifetime Anti-static

    eco+ is inherently anti-static making it perfect for your study or home office.
  • Deep Dyed Colour

    eco+ is made using the latest deep dyeing technology with heat infused colour that’s locked into each and every fibre. Designed to withstand the harshest UV and ozone conditions in mind.

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