Engineered Timber
& Bamboo

Engineered timber and bamboo are wonderful, natural flooring choices for your home and will create a sense of style and serenity that is unsurpassed. Timber and bamboo floors can withstand more wear and tear than many other materials making them ideal family-friendly floors for spaces that attract high foot traffic. Your timber and bamboo flooring can last for decades, if properly finished and maintained, thanks to their resistance to stains and moisture.

The true beauty of hardwood flooring lies in its distinctive character. From wide plank floors with a prominent grain and matte finish to high close stained wood, there is a hardwood floor that matches every home décor style. 

Engineered timber and bamboo are incredibly versatile floors that blend easily with their surroundings so you can create any look that you fancy. Exotic novelty? Warm sophistication? Chic and modern? The options are endless an Carpet One has you covered with a wide range of timber and bamboo styles to suit your taste and budget.