Simple Minimal Functional

The simple life, showcasing simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

This style is demonstrated in Nordic Countries since 1930, using very simple, understated pieces yet interesting lines. Colour schemes start with all white, then adding natural elements, birch timber, bright plastic and enamel aluminium. The flooring generally is in Wide Plank woodlook with vast natural light, white paint and pops of colour.

For window coverings – try white shutters, venetians or soft blinds. Eco-friendly materials can help to bridge the connection between inside and the outdoors. Pale, natural toned floors will help reflect light and create an open air space.

Choose a floor that centres on simple elegance, clean lines and warm functionality.


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Scandinavian bedroom
Scandinavian Child Play area
Scandinavian dining Jimboola

More Styles


Bring the natural environment in to create a vibrant and eco-friendly space!

Shabby Chic chair

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a Vintage inspired style, quite feminine, soft and delicate.

Coastal living

Coastal Contemporary

Imagine yourself in a Hampton’s style house with high ceilings and loads of natural light flowing inside and out.

Scandinavian living


The simple life, showcasing simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Mid-century Modern

An exploration of different traditional as well as non traditional materials.


The traditional look incorporates design elements from a variety of centuries creating a family friendly feel, yet elegant at the same time.

Modern bathroom style feature


Modern interior styles typically refers to clean, straight, crisp lines and a simple colour palette using materials like metal, glass and steel for highlights.

French Country

Always rustic, old-world, and welcoming. The look fits well into both country houses and elegant, it is warm yet casual.


Choose neutral tones alongside wood and metal surfaces. Choose richly textured imperfect wooden floors and flooring with simple materials and few colours.

bohemian bedroom


A very popular style for home designs reflecting a care free lifestyle. You are free to use vintage, second hand and modern furniture in the one space.


Big open spaces, large windows, comfort for all the family and sustainability are key performers.

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