Kids’ rooms continue to trend toward higher-end, more versatile designs that are capable of growing and evolving as your kids do. Here are some key things to consider when it comes to decorating contemporary kids rooms that will stand the test of time.


Kids’ bedrooms are often, by necessity, multi-purpose spaces. Of course the primary purpose of a child’s bedroom is a place to sleep, but it may also function as a child’s home office, library, play room and perhaps even a media center. For that reason, flexible storage solutions are key for kids’ rooms. A desk can easily double as a bedside table or a vanity.


Kids are growing up faster and faster these days. Parents and kids are less interested in age-specific, themed rooms, and more interested in designs that can grow and evolve as the child does. It makes so much more sense to invest in high quality furniture, for example, that is appropriate from the toddler to the teenage years, rather than spending money on flimsy pieces that will barely survive primary school. Another way is to utilise patterned fabrics that can adapt to a child’s changing preference of color or character.


While staple palettes (pinks for girls and beiges for boys) continue to be a consistent request, light and white walls have become increasingly popular within kids rooms, as a flexible backdrop for the ever-changing preferences of a child.



Loose lay vinyl and vinyl plank flooring with rugs for added warmth and colour is also a great choice for kids rooms with its easy care properties and durability.

Our favorite colours for kids rooms to stand the test of time are:

New England Elm LVT Plank and Arctic Oak Looselay both from our Invincible range (swatches 3 and 4 pictured above).

Carpet remains a popular choice for kids’ rooms, due to its warm, comfortable and safe qualities. For wall-to-wall carpeting, styles that mimic the look of natural fibres are gaining popularity – a trend that reflects the increasing popularity of incorporating organic and natural materials into design.

The Desire Carpet Collection offers the texture and look of natural fibres, with the softness and durability of a carpet that can stand the test of time and the demands of a busy family.

It is proudly Australian Made too which means you have the extra peace of mind of the highest standards of manufacturing quality and safety.

For kids rooms that will grow as they do, we like:

Diorella in Champagne and Frate in Desert Storm from our Australian Made Desire Carpet Collection.

Explore the entire range here.

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