Choosing the right flooring for your home, investment property or business premises is an important decision. Flooring and re-flooring is a big financial investment and getting it right can mean the difference between laying out large sums for new flooring prematurely or getting maximum longevity and value from your floors.Vinyl plank flooring has surged in popularity over recent years as a more affordable alternative to timber flooring but Vinyl Plank also has a number of other qualities that make it the first choice in its own right for a growing number of homeowners, landlords & business operators.Here are some of the top reasons for choosing Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Ultra Low Maintenance

When it comes to flooring it doesn’t get much more low maintenance than vinyl plank and tile.


Are cleaning and care requirements a big consideration for you? Think office kitchens, restaurants and cafes, rental properties or busy family households where spills and cleaning are likely to be frequent. If you fall into this category then you will be looking for flooring that is as quick and easy to maintain as possible.


Vinyl plank flooring fits the bill – food or beverage spills, pet accidents or kids messes can be simply wiped clean. General cleaning and maintenance requirements are the stuff dreams are made of – sweep or vacuum and mop as required with a manufacturer approved household cleaner.


Bar Vinyl Plank

Durability and Resilience

Another of the top reasons for choosing vinyl plank and tile flooring is its exceptional durability and resilience to wear and tear. This is a major factor in determining the lifetime of your flooring especially in high traffic environments such as commercial premises, offices, rental properties and busy family households.

The Invincible vinyl plank range isn’t called “Invincible” for nothing, backed by up to 30 years residential wear and lifetime structural warranties.

Invincible Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank

Style & Affordability

One of the most attractive characteristics of Vinyl Plank and Tile flooring is its affordability and stylish range of incredibly life-like timbered finishes in a huge array of tones and textures. There really is something for everyone when it comes to Vinyl Plank and Tile, with the look and feel of timber at a fraction of the price.

This makes vinyl particularly well-suited to busy households and environments that require durable flooring that doesn’t sacrifice style and ambiance.

The other benefit of Vinyl Plank and Tile, especially when it comes to commercial or rental properties is that, in the event that the floor does sustain any damage, you only have to replace individual planks or tiles, not the entire floor.

Vinyl Plank and Tile is easy to install too so you’ll save on installation time and labor costs as well.

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