Australians have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world with 5.7 million households having a pet, which means pet-friendly flooring is an important consideration for Australian families, property owners and landlords.

When it comes to choosing household flooring that’s pet-friendly, the most important things to consider are:

  • Durability (overall strength & resistance to wear & tear)
  • Stain resistance
  • Odour resistance & odour treatments
  • Cleanability (easy clean & care)
  • Scratch resistance
  • Good warranties

Here are some of the best flooring options to consider if you share your home with pets:


When most people think of pets and floors, they think anything but carpet, but carpet can be a great option for households with pets if you choose the right carpet for the job. Carpet products and manufacturing techniques have advanced rapidly with a number of carpets offering superior toughness and resilience to wear and tear as well as specifically pet-friendly characteristics such as odour resistance and stain protection.

Carpet offers warmth, cosiness, insulation, softness and cushioning under foot so it’s no surprise that it’s the preferred flooring option for many people especially when it comes to bedrooms, living and lounge areas. There’s no longer any need to sacrifice comfort, warmth & plushness if you share your household with furry family members with a number of carpets on the market that have been designed especially for busy family households with pets and kids.

The Desire Carpet Collection boasts extremely durable carpet with wear resistance, excellent stain protection as well as odour resistance with Carpet One’s exclusive Active8 Odour treatment.

Ecoplus is another great, pet-friendly carpet range that comes with a lifetime pet guarantee for domestic use* and offers excellent resilience to household wear and tear as well as colourfastness and superb stain protection built into every fibre that never wears off – no chemical cleaning required.

What to look for in carpet:

  • Durability & wear resistance
  • Odour resistance & odour treatment
  • Stain protection
  • Easy care & clean + stain removal
  • Backed by good warranties

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Desire Collection

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Vinyl Tile & Plank Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options for households with pets because it’s extremely tough and resilient to wear and tear plus it’s one of the easiest floors to clean & maintain. It’s also one of the best options for allergy sufferers with pets since pet hair won’t get trapped, remaining on the surface making it easy to remove by sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Vinyl plank & tile is also extremely stylish and a fantastic, affordable alternative to timber floors with a huge range of timber-look surfaces, textures and tones.

The Renaissance luxury vinyl flooring range is a particularly great choice because it is a low VOC product and is free from any heavy metal substances, making it a safe flooring option for kids and fur babies alike. It’s also extra durable, manufactured with a fibreglass core and a 0.50mm PU wear layer, making it especially resilient to wear and tear. It comes with an outstanding lifetime residential wear warranty to back it up too.

Things to look for in vinyl tile & plank floors:

  • Wear resistance
  • Durability
  • Extremely easy care & clean
  • Great warranties

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Laminate Flooring

Worried about your pets scratching the floors? Laminate flooring could be a great choice for you and your family! Laminate is incredibly tough and scratch-resistant, making it one of the top flooring choices for households with furry friends. Laminate is a particularly durable and wear-resistant flooring choice because it has an external layer and resin coating.

Laminate flooring is also very ‘low-maintenance’ as far as floors go – it has great stain-resistant properties, is easy to clean and doesn’t require the use of any special cleaning products or solutions. When it comes to style, texture and designs, laminate is also incredibly versatile with a wide range of looks and finishes to select from. 

Things to look for in laminate floors:

  • Wear & scratch resistance
  • Water-proofing
  • Solid warranties & guarantees

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Voyager Laminate

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*Conditions apply – Guarantees apply to domestic indoor use of the carpet in an owner-occupier single-family residence (excluding stairs unless appropriately rated) in accordance with the recommendation/s made on the ACCS rating for carpet installed (if applicable) and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. For full information in respect to the scope and limitations of these guarantees, please see the Godfrey Hirst eco+ Carpets Maintenance and Guarantees booklet relevant to the carpet (which also includes further information as to the installation, care and characteristics of Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpets) available from your Carpet One store.

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