Renovating With Industrial Style

Renovate your space using our most durable, popular, family-friendly style choice

Industrial style is a stripped back architectural style that looks stylishly sleek and clean, but is also practical and perfect for family life.

We’re talking hard wearing surfaces, durable flooring like Hybrid and Laminate raw finishes, recycled elements and all inspired by the warehouse or factory look.

Industrial style provides an enormous amount of practicality and variety and will provide endless inspiration for your home renovation.

Get the Look

At Carpet One we are dedicated to helping Australian families live beautifully for less.

This lookbook showcases the practical versatility of Industrial style for modern home renovations

Why consider industrial style for your renovation.


Family-friendly & worry-free

This style provides many options for a family. We’re talking rustic finishes that look better the more they have been “lived in” and richly textured flooring that is easy to maintain.


Pairs beautifully with other styles

Industrial also pairs well with other styles and,can act as a blank canvas to layer softer furnishings, or can be used to bring a more gritty feel to a space.


Shades of neutral made a great backdrop!

The Industrial style colour palette is a sumptuous mix of neutrals and monochromes providing the perfect backdrop for the rich colour highlights of leather furniture and metallic decor. Why not add a pop of bright for some contrast too!

Neutral tones in colour schemes are also a great idea for resale or rental.

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