If you live somewhere hot and humid, you need to be careful to choose a flooring option that works well in that climate. Not all flooring is created equal when it comes to heat and humidity – and some can be prone to warping and cracking – so the choice you make here could have a massive effect on your family’s comfort and your floor’s longevity.

A general guide to keep in mind is that the thermal mass of a flooring material offers an indication of its suitability to your climate. Lighter materials have a lower thermal mass, and are therefore more suited to warmer climes, while denser materials will absorb the heat and keep your toes warm in colder areas.

At Carpet One, we test, evaluate, and compare the latest flooring to ensure all our products are the highest standard. Rest assured, choosing the right flooring for a hot and humid climate doesn’t have to be difficult.

Flooring options to consider in a cold climate are:

Engineered Timber

Differing from solid timber flooring, engineered timber is made with several different layers, making it more resistant to moisture. It’s still durable like solid timber, but solid timber can be prone to expanding and contracting in extremes of temperature, leading to warps and cracks, whereas engineered timber can last in a hot and humid climate for decades. The bonus of engineered timber is that it’s cheaper than solid timber and easy to install.

Learn more about engineered timber flooring here.


Laminate flooring is durable, which is great in a warm and humid climate, but some laminate flooring can absorb moisture. Don’t rule it out just yet though. Simply choose a laminate floor made of high-pressure laminate – this variation is made with special glue that minimises moisture absorption, making it ideal for humidity. Laminate is also durable, easy to instal, and stain-resistant.

Learn more about our laminate flooring options here.

Luxury Vinyl

The attraction of vinyl is that it can replicate the luxurious appearance of wood, while resisting moisture absorption, making it a perfect choice for hot and humid areas. Luxury vinyl works well in wet areas of the house such as kitchens, basements, and even bathrooms. Vinyl also offers a wide range of design options, so there will be an aesthetic choice to please everyone. Luxury vinyl is easy to clean, low maintenance, and quiet.

Learn more about our luxury sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile and plank, and Invincible luxury vinyl collections.

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