There is nothing like using indoor plants and botanical inspired design to create a stylish and quintessentially natural appeal, perfect for warm climates and evoking a sophisticated yet down to earth ambiance by bringing the outdoors in.

Large plants

Use large plants to make a statement in larger, open living spaces especially if you have the scope of high ceilings. You can use larger style planters with multiple plants or single planters for more flexibility in terms of arrangement (and re-arrangement when the mood takes you!) Consider surrounding your favourite reading or corner armchair with some larger plants or plants at staggered levels to create the ambiance of being enveloped in a green canopy.

Small plants

Smaller indoor plants are extremely versatile and offer a lot of options for arranging them in clusters on shelves, tables and other surfaces or dotting them throughout your home. Smaller indoor plants work particularly well on sills, in the kitchen, bathroom and home office or arranged on shelved planter stands.

Succulents are great low-care, textural smaller plant options both for indoor plant novices and experienced interior botanists alike.

Botanical wallpaper

Carry your botanical-inspired design through into your furnishings and interiors with some contemporary botanical or tropical print wallpaper. Botanical print wallpaper works particularly well on feature walls in living rooms, casual dining spaces or bedrooms. There are a lot of stylish and contemporary botanical inspired wallpaper prints available from bold, large-leaf tropical prints to more vintage illustrative-style botanical prints. Make sure you choose your feature wallpaper with your other furnishings and interior style in mind to avoid overkill, design-clash and too much visual clutter.

Home accessories

Integrate carefully-selected botanical-themed soft furnishings to accent your botanical design and to complement your indoor plantings. Consider botanical print cushions and wall-art as well as furnishings drawing on natural materials like jute, rattan, wicker, linen and natural cottons.

Black and white geometric print throws, rugs or other accents work well with indoor plants and botanical palettes. For a contemporary botanical ‘Jungalow’ look that’s still sophisticated and refined, work with mid-century lines and furnishings, combine vintage metals, and rich fabrics such as velvet and leather with lighter furnishings and fabrics in rugs and throws. Teak and Scandinavian blonde timbers work well with deep green hues and black accents.

Colour palette

Complement the natural greenery of your indoor botanicals with lush, rich, forest and muted greens with black accents and brushed metals for a sophisticated take on the botanical trend. Carry your botanical palette through to your decor with pops of green in soft furnishings, vases and armchairs. Keep the rest of the palette light and white with chairs, rugs, window furnishings and exposed wooden flooring to avoid overpowering the space and detracting from your botanical features.

Greys can work well with botanical design as well as long as its on the lighter end of the grey scale.

Botanical interior decor ideas

  • Mid-century style Eames inspired wicker chairs – a contemporary ‘Jungalow’ take on the iconic white Eames staple
  • Hanging ceramic planter with succulent and leather hanging strings
  • Tropical print cushion in a contemporary blush & muted green palette
  • Green velvet mid-century armchair – blends seamlessly with indoor plants and botanical decor
  • Replica Noguchi glass and timber coffee table – the organic lines of this iconic table are a perfect match for a botanical inspired interior.
  • Mid-century style vases with geometric patterning in muted earthy tones
  • Resilient, low maintenance indoor plants (such as snake plant & mother in laws tongue) in classic white contemporary planters for simple sophistication.
  • As above.
  • Vintage-style botanical wall prints
  • Contemporary jute ottoman with timber legs – organic & understated.

Flooring matches

Our top flooring picks to complement the botanical inspired design:

  1. Luxury Sheet Vinyl in Australian Natural Oak
  2. Luxury Sheet Vinyl in Australian Tasmania Oak
  3. Invincible Vinyl Plank & Tile in Baltic Oak
  4. Invincible Vinyl Plank & Tile in Coastal Spotted Gum

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